First Steps
September 9, 2023 | Addiction, Finally Free, Freedom, Savior, Series, Sermons, Topics


Our ministry has been growing and serving men who are stuck in addictions. At the Act Like Men House, we’ve been guiding men at the rock bottom of addiction toward lasting freedom, through faith in Christ and community with brothers in Christ. This message was preached at our ministry center, Rock Bottom, and is for you and your loved ones who need victory and freedom from your shame and burdens.

Intellectual knowledge of Christ, rules, structure, and sheer will-power alone can never set people free. Only Jesus Christ can truly set people free. The God who made you wants to free you from sin, addiction and shame.

This new teaching series, Finally Free, will give you the truth you need to destroy the strongholds in your life. Join us in Acts 13 as we learn the First Steps of recovery!

But God’s Gift
September 3, 2023 | God's greatness, God's Word, Great "Buts" in the Bible, Repentance, Salvation, Series, Sermons, Topics


Throughout my ministry, I’ve repeated this phrase: “Born once, die twice. Born twice, die once.”

As sinful from birth, this is the reality we each begin and will end with on earth. The inevitable price of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life – the “good news” of the gospel!  In today’s brand-new message from Romans 6, we’ll delve into: God, sin, substitution, believe, life.

Have you believed the gospel for yourself? If you have, can you share it with others? If you or someone you know needs the hope of a saving relationship with God, this weekend’s message is for you.

Act Like Men Ministries
August 28, 2023 | Addiction, Freedom, JMM Blog

Act Like Men | Sobriety Houses

Located in the greater Chicago area, our sobriety houses provide transitional housing, spiritual counsel, lifestyle support, and accountability for men getting free from incarceration and/or substance addiction. Dr. James MacDonald’s inspiration for Act Like Men Sobriety Houses is drawn from Matthew 25:40 and Jesus’ promise “in that you did it to the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.


Watch “Changing Lives from Rock Bottom” for more information and resident testimonies…


…When There’s Nowhere to Look But Up | Our first ALM Sobriety House and the location of our headquarters is affectionately known as Rock Bottom. Additional ALM Houses are also located in greater Chicagoland – apply for residency here.

Act Like Men | Bible Studies

On Saturdays throughout the summer, Pastor James preaches at our Rock Bottom headquarters. In addition, he and our sobriety ministry leaders spend themselves building into the men who reside in our ALM Houses, and those who have graduated but still desire to be part of our ministry family.

A new season of in-person Bible study is underway! All adults are welcome. 

Bible Study Details ➡

Act Like Men | 40 Days to Biblical Manhood

Book titled Act Like Men - 40 Days to Biblical Manhood

To equip as many men as possible with this in depth, 40-day teaching, Pastor James is giving away his Act Like Men book for the cost of shipping + a nominal handling fee.



Get the book ➡


But God Commends His Love
August 26, 2023 | God's love, God's Word, Great "Buts" in the Bible, Salvation, Series, Sermons, Topics


But God Commends His Love | Romans 5 | Great Buts of The Bible

Peace is the calm assurance that what God is doing is best.

Is your heart heavy with condemnation, shame, a list of all your wrongs? Remember, in Christ you are freed from that guilt to live in peace – peace with God, peace from God, and in the peace of God.

The world is full of evil, but God demonstrates His love toward you through the cross. This week, dive with us into the very center of the center of Christianity: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

But God, Rich in Mercy
August 18, 2023 | God's power, Great "Buts" in the Bible, New life, Savior, Series, Sermons, Topics


But God, Rich in Mercy | Ephesians 2 | Great Buts of The Bible

Overview of Islam
August 15, 2023 | Fear, Iraq, Islam and the Middle East, Religion, Series, Sermons, Topics, Wisdom


Overview of Islam

But God Meant It For Good
August 11, 2023 | God's greatness, God's Word, Great "Buts" in the Bible, Series, Sermons, Topics, Wisdom, Worship


Great Buts of The Bible (Part 1) – But God Meant It For Good

Genesis 50:20

The phrase “great but!” (not great “butt”) is about the most powerful conjunction in the English language – a truth hinge that opens the door to so much.

For many years as I preached, I would pause to quip, “Sometime I have to do a series on ‘Great Buts in the Bible.’” The reality is this: No matter how bad it looks for you or those you love right now, when God steps in everything changes.

Join us for this first week in our new series, “Great ‘Buts’ in the Bible”!


It All Comes Down To This
August 10, 2023 | Bible study, Iraq, Islam and the Middle East, Religion, Series, Sermons, Topics, Wisdom


It All Comes Down To This

Instilling Hope As We Help Others
August 6, 2023 | Eternity, Hope, Salvation, Series, Sermons, Single Messages, Topics


Instilling Hope as we Help Others | John 6

When Jesus healed a man who was disabled from birth, the Lord gave him an even greater gift – HOPE – and it transformed his life for all eternity.

Originally preached at a biblical counseling conference, this week’s teaching in John 5 will help you find life-giving hope too – and practical ways to share it with those who are lost and hurting.

What Happened Here?
July 29, 2023 | Repentance, Series, Sermons, Shame, Single Messages, Spiritual warfare, Topics


What Happened Here? | Mark 6

When we are more concerned about looking good than doing good – more concerned about position than purity, we’re going over the cliff.

Getting distracted is easy… we don’t intend a wrong turn down a path of sin. We must beware of trivializing spiritual truth, excusing sin, ignoring alarms, and become our brothers’ keeper.

Watch this intro from Pastor James, and turn your Bible to Mark 6. Let’s learn what’s really happening, while we can…