Change Partners – May Update

If you’re a Change Partner, Pastor James would like to thank you personally…


Watch Pastor James’ most recent message in The Power to Change on Romans 8:28, “The Other Greatest Verse in the Bible”. And if you’ve missed a message in this series, find it here find them here or on YouTube. 


If you’ve ever wondered “Why being good is not good enough?” or “Where did Jesus go after He died?” check out Pastor James’ answers these and other questionsand be sure to submit your own questions here.


Through the Home Church Network (HcN), you can join Pastor James each weekend for a complete church service – with prayer, guided interactions, songs of worship, and teaching in God’s Word – right from your living room. HcN is open to all, and we would love to gather with you this weekend! Subscribe to receive HcN worship service content each Friday.

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