Change Partners – April Update

Because of your faithfulness in prayer and financial support, we are continuing to share Pastor James’ solid, life-altering Bible teaching with hungry hearts worldwide.

Watch this greeting from our JMM team, whose work your partnership is helping to make happen.

Here are just a few ways we’re doing that – and we hope will provide spiritual nourishment and equipping for you to share the good news of Jesus Christ, too.


Pastor James has been leading us through his study in Romans 8, one verse at a time, in this impactful new teaching series, The Power to Change. If you haven’t tuned in yet or have missed a message, find them here or on YouTube. 


After receiving “what does the Bible say about that?” questions for the past year, we’re launching this new teaching feature – and wanted to share it with you first. If you’ve ever wondered “Why being good is not good enough?” or “Where did Jesus go after He died?” check out Pastor James’ answersand be sure to submit your own questions here.


Through the Home Church Network (HcN), you can join Pastor James each weekend for a complete church service – with prayer, guided interactions, songs of worship, and teaching in God’s Word – right from your living room. HcN is open to all, and we would love to gather with you this weekend! Subscribe to receive HcN worship service content each Friday.

Again, with all of our hearts, thank you for your faithfulness!

– JMM Team

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