Exposing JuLIE Roys’ Deception | Part 1

In this evanjellycal world of pollyanna sensitivities…

The biblical command for ministers of the gospel to reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with great patience and instruction” (Timothy 4:2) will be mostly resisted, because the “time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.” We are in that time now – Christians, in my experience, seldom bow to “thus says the Lord” Scripture. They will not endure being told that their conduct is unbiblical.

10,000 words of my repentance have been in the hands of HBC Elders for more than two years, and the summary was posted online last fall. Yet I am continually told to repent, and have yet to see or hear a single acknowledgement that in fact, I have. You can’t repent of lies. Isn’t lying what people do so they don’t have to own their part in a conflict? Or better, find a power-hungry tabloid writer, and funnel your lies through her… enter #JRgossipslut JuLiar Roys.

JuLiar starts gradually, at first only leaving out significant points in order to deceive. But stay with me over the next several posts – the bold-faced, intentional LIES are coming. Does JuLiar even know that intentionally telling only half the story violates basic journalistic standards and forfeits 1st amendment journalistic privilege to protect sources? The U.S. Constitution does not protect journalistic liars.

Here is the first of many:

Letter that Prompted Harvest Excommunication: “We are convinced that James . . . is not biblically qualified to be an elder”

By Julie Roys, December 13, 2018

Planning for the coup to take over Harvest Bible Chapel was already well under way when she published that in December of 2018, but none of us knew, as JuLiar worked in secret to inflame the bitter, entitled self interest of a few. The Elders of the church unanimously endorsed my character and leadership at HBC in response to this post – of course that was not covered by the non-journalist JuLiar Roys.

JuLiar elevates “8 former HBC Elders” because it fits with her bias to tear me down. Apparently, it doesn’t matter in her mind that 6 of those 8 were removed from the board by their peers (forced or asked to step down) in 4 separate incidents that took place over nearly 10 years, beginning in 2005. Why would her readers want to know about that? Hide her sources, cover their history, elevate their critique. No reason to examine their own conduct, that would lead to a fair-minded review of their letter in the context of their eldership… that level of integrity would take time and effort – like a real journalist.

More importantly, JuLiar avoids mentioning that I and the Elder Chair publicly repented of our failure to include the biblically mandated element of restoration in the discipline video she dug up and posted.

JuLiar deceptively leaves out the fact that in September 2014, I read a statement to our entire church on all campuses in every service, expressing our repentance about that video. That statement was written by Dr. Erwin Lutzer (then with Moody Church), who with Dr. Colin Smith (The Orchard), led a private meeting of mutual forgiveness (at my request). It was a reconciliation I have never varied from, involving men with whom I would gladly meet again for grace and further healing.   

Would you do that? Would you announce as “news” the first portion of a regrettable church action from four years earlier, but not mention that three years earlier it had a good gospel ending? Is it honest to claim you are “reforming the church” of Christ (as JuLiar does), while omitting that reconciliation happened to the satisfaction of even third parties present?

Think through your Bible… Who brings up matters about which we are already forgiven? Who stirs up strife between men over matters about which they have already wept together and reconciled? Right, the “accuser of the brethren” (Revelation 12:10). 

If you tell a story but leave out the redeeming parts, how can you claim to be working for the Redeemer? NO! JuLiar works for her father, “the father of lies” (John 8:44). And anyone who has helped or assisted her deceptive “reporting” shares in her judgment. 

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