Exposing Julie Roys’ Deception | Part 2

Beginning at the beginning…

In Genesis 3, the Bible reveals that Satan’s lies are most often ‘distortion deceptions’, rather than ‘denial deceptions’. To say it simply, Satan’s lies are subtle not bold faced.

Back, back, back to the very first sin, we see Satan shaving off truth and cleverly twisting it as he tempts Eve – “Did God really say” (v. 1), “you will not certainly die” (v. 4). Most subtle of all, we see our soul’s enemy undermining God’s motives, “For God knows that when you eat of it…” (v. 5).

The summary term for Satan’s first deception is “cunning.” “…Just as Eve was deceived by the serpent’s cunning, your minds may be led away from sincere and pure devotion to Christ” (II Corinthians 11:3).

Satan does his deceiving as “an angel of light” (II Corinthians 11:14). His lies are very subtle, which is the truth behind the maxim, “The devil is in the details.”

Bold-faced lies, like the ones JuLiar begins in March 2019 about financial and other matters, are not present in her earliest writings, but she has begun her deception…   

                 #1 Harvest Elders Put James MacDonald on “Indefinite Sabbatical” & Announce “Peacemaking Process”

                 By Julie Roys, January 16, 2019

Put” – as in a forced sabbatical?

At that time the Executive Elders had not yet turned on me and were still trying to stem the tide of JuLiar’s full-court press against us, a local church she did not attend nor ever had a part in.1

The above headline is a clear deception – subtle and cunning, the difference between what is true and what JuLiar is working to create. On January 11, 2019, and again January 14, 2019, I met with the Executive Committee of Elders, read my repentance statement as it was then, offering both times to resign. When they refused, I asked to take my overdue sabbatical, available to all ministry pastors once every 10 years (mine were 1998, 2009, and missed in 2018).

The difference in JuLiar’s wording is so significant – she only lies in the headline and reverts to the truth in the actual article. Anyone willing to lie in the headline to get readers, to get attention, to hype and harm, should not be taken seriously in her stated goal of “reforming the church.”

                  #2 Mancow Airs Shocking Comments By James MacDonald: My Response

                   By Julie Roys, February 12, 2019

I must be careful what I say about this illegal recording, as it is currently in civil litigation and still subject to criminal prosecution against those who recorded it, transported it, edited it, broadcast it, and published it on the internet. When I first spoke of the recording I said only this, and I stand by that confession. My only caveat is that it was bad humor, nothing more. I was in a Walk in the Word studio recording, where the staff had long been instructed never to record casual conversation between program content. Little did I know, an unhappy WITW staff member broke the protocol and recorded everything.

I took a call from our PR person about a troubling Christianity Today headline they published about Harvest. I was upset over how journalists can intentionally mislead people with headlines and attempted to give humorous examples:

  • [Name Withheld] Exposes Himself During Christianity Today’s Mishandling of Scandal
  • [Name Withheld] Acknowledges Ongoing Tension Re Affair with Julie Roys
  • [Name Withheld] Fails to Stop Unwanted Erection of Christianity Today Tabloid.

JuLiar’s faux outrage and offense are just pathetic pandering. In what universe are 3 unpublished and illegally recorded, clearly hyperbolic, humorous examples of damage by distorted headlines subject to public outrage? For example, JuLiar pontificates:

“But the clips Mancow played today are breathtaking. On them, the man who’s presumably MacDonald jokes about me having an affair with [name withheld] of Christianity Today (CT). That’s not funny. It’s disgusting. [He] and I have never had anything but a professional relationship, and it’s repulsive that anyone—a pastor, no less—would make a joke about that.”

The above was a private conversation about a real problem that was illegally recorded (that I still think is funny) and a good example of the deception JuLiar puts in every article she writes about me.

I continued on the recording pointing out how entirely unhinged JuLiar had become. I used the circus metaphor of a midget on her shoulders as she rides a tricycle (e.g. she is a clown). Was I wrong? Not once in 30 years of pastoring HBC was I ever reprimanded or even had coarse language brought up in my annual review, given in writing to the Elders since 2010.

Now to the worst of the JuLiar deception in the body of her February 12, 2019, post.I never thought I would hear an evangelical, mega-church pastor talk about planting child pornography on the computer…” wrote JuLiar. But once again, that’s not what happened, that is NOT what I said.

After hanging up with the PR guy – this is all in the recording – I had a wonderful conversation with the editor at Christianity Today. He ended our bad headline discussion with “This is the nicest conversation I have ever had with someone who disagreed with me,” and promised to change the headline immediately.

When I hung up the phone, I said in relief and a truly regrettable moment of non-humor, “I guess we DON’T HAVE TO PUT child porn on that guy’s computer.” That is what I did say – only once, ever, and nothing more – wrong to be sure and repented of entirely.

Fact is, I have never seen child porn, I don’t know anyone who has, and only once ever heard someone say such a vile thing, which must have been in the back of my mind. No excuse, just a context – what JuLiar never wants or gives anyone.

“I guess we don’t have to burn the guy’s house down”, “I guess we don’t have to take him out to the woodshed” – clearly hyperbole, things you would never do. Regrettably, my chosen example, something I had never said before or since, was planted in my mind because of what someone else had said to me.

How that became accusing me of a plot to do such a horrific thing, and multiple repetitions of me saying it, and why the Daily Herald erroneously reported that I said I was going to do it, etc – ALL THAT IS FALSE – and Julie is at the heart of it, along with the midget on her shoulders. They started the circus.

I am responsible for the fleshly words, and I am totally repentant for what I did say. I cannot, however, repent of things I did not say, have never said, and would never say or consider doing. That is the outrage. That is the deception of JuLiar. And the destruction this single false report continues to mete out is truly incalculable.

I am responsible for repeating in private something a fool said to me – and no one is to blame for that but me. But who is responsible for making that public and distorting it from a statement of something I wouldn’t do, into something I intended to do? And who distorted it from a bad joke about what I would never do, into the false accusation that I planned to do it? Click here for the answer.

In the next post, we’ll see JuLiar move from distorted headlines and misquotations to outright lies. Stay tuned… there’s more to come.

1 At least at Moody, JuLiar had been on staff and had some personal stake, though no justification for lighting the whole school on fire. In that instance, JuLiar was so deceptively inflaming she ignited the Moody constituency til the pathetic Moody board members threw then-President Paul Nyquist under the bus to save themselves. Like Harvest, Moody will never recover from the cowardice of their board members, executing the man called of God to lead them, to save their sorry volunteer selves. It’s happening more and more, and if you think that’s a good thing, if you want your kids to grow up and do the same, buy a car from Marquardt Buick in Barrington and send your kids to Judson College – they fund JuLiar and think she is doing a beautiful thing.

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