Exposing Julie Roys’ Deception | Part 3

Once again we see JuLiar’s Satanic twisting…

In her cunning (2 Corinthians 11:3) and evil manipulation of words to mislead the majority who only read her headlines.

#3 Three Harvest Staff Do Not Confirm Sexual Abuse Claim Against James MacDonald, but Others Indicate Alleged Incident Was Well-Known

by Julie Roys, February 16, 2019

Again – the twisting and manipulation of words – truly evil and revealing JuLiar’s intent: she wants to destroy. I cannot say too much about this, as it involves our litigation against Mancoward. 

The alleged ‘incident’ involved just 5 people, asleep after midnight, crammed in a space smaller than a Volkswagon, 2 in bucket seats facing the back, 3 on a bench seat facing forward, with a women in the middle. Nothing happened – nothing – and the other 3 people present wrote sworn statements giving their word that nothing happened. Yet JuLiar headlines, “Three Harvest Staff Do Not Confirm Sexual Abuse Claim – no, I guess they don’t. In fact, they flat out denied it.1

Only in evanjellycal Christianity would someone defend such a thoroughly refuted accusation, which was never brought to me and contrary to eyewitness testimony, from 15 years ago. I love that couple and tried extensively to help them, even after they left HBC staff. I also agree with their complaint that some of the church’s pastoral care for single women back in the 90’s could be overbearing, and I pray for a day of mutual reconciliation between us. I have many great memories of serving the Lord with them – most memorably, the adoption and dedication of their son. (The number of pastoral relationships shattered through JuLiar Roys is staggering.)

The defamatory inflaming of this matter that wounded so many people without cause will soon be addressed in Cook County court – but how incredibly deceptive was JuLiar to minimize eyewitness testimony that contradicted what she wanted so badly to believe. #JRgossipslut

Based on her recent rambling post, JuLiar seems to have stumbled over being called a “gossip slut,” so I will explain.

  1. If doing so is wrong, then Jesus will explain to us why His Spirit recorded so many of the biblical authors using the same terms when confronting habitual destructive sin (like JuLiar is guilty of). For additional biblical perspective, see “The Virtue of Name Calling.” How sad when evanjellycals who don’t know their Bibles emasculate God’s ministers, expecting them to defeat wolves with only weak words as weapons.
  2. Strong’s Number H2181 matches the Hebrew זָנָה (zānâ), occurring 93x in OT. Definition – slut; KJV “whore”: i) disparaging and offensive term for a person, especially a woman who is sexually promiscuous; ii) a person with a seemingly insatiable but often undiscerning desire to have or do something... “She’s a shoe slut and has a closet full of shoes to prove it.”

JuLiar is a ‘gossip slut,’ but instead of having too many shoes or being easy with the high school football team, she is metaphorically promiscuous with any gossiper willing to spew a bitter story if it fits her bias. And with apparently zero qualifying of those witnesses.

Let’s look more closely at Julie’s pattern.

In the body of JuLiar’s obsessive work about me, she has publicly named or very revealingly referred to around 40 people. These people are all known to me, most for multiple decades. Almost all left HBC between 2006–2010, which is when the Elgin Campus construction overrun caused an unfortunate accumulation of debt.2 In seeking to rebound from that major setback, we reorganized the staff, reconstituted the Elder Board, and set a path for what became the greatest season of growth in HBC history, 2009–2012.

JuLiar writes as though the agreement between her sources gives credibility, when in reality most of them have worked together in crafting their ‘story’ for more than 10 years. They must be very happy, having achieved their goal of my removal from HBC. I truly wish them the very best – we had a lot of great years serving the Lord together.

Of course, I could reveal many facts about these people to discredit their words against me, but those who teach the Word are held to a higher standard (James 3:1). I am committed to “love covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8), and I will not break that personal conviction unless one of them apostatizes or joins this fight afresh. 

What I can say are two things:

  1. I know far more than I am willing to say about JuLiar, her husband, and who they have secretly partnered with. Maybe Julie would like to release an audited list of all her major donors? Suffice it to say, Julie is an apostate. 
  2. Among her trusted sources for gossip regarding me are people who, when I knew them, were not qualified to be members in a local church, let alone a reliable source of information about someone else. What Julie studiously avoids mentioning, and in some cases even knowing, is that she is quoting:
    • A sketchy businessman, constantly in litigation over his scam business 
    • 2 self-confessed adulterers, who have never repented that I am aware of
    • A sluggard with 10 jobs in 10 years, always blaming others
    • A known and broadly condemned liar
    • 2 families overflowing with incidents of sexual infidelity and substance abuse
    • A divorced man entirely estranged from his adult children who despise him
    • A former church leader twice accused of intimate contact with young men
    • A youth worker fired for fornicating with a staff woman 15 years his elder 
    • 2 men discovered taking significant money from HBC on the side
    • 2 practicing homosexuals wealthy enough to cover most of their tracks 
    • A treacherous liar, who betrayed the HBC Elders like no other
    • A man found drunk and passed out in a ditch near his home
    • 12 gossipers fired or removed from their HBC ministry employment for cause
    • 7 Elders removed from the board by their peers in lay Eldership

These are the people telling the gossip slut about where I am failing?

If only JuLiar had investigated her ‘sources’… if only she had focused a fraction of the amount of scrutiny on them that she put on me. Has she never heard the phrase “consider the source”?

Sadly, many of those listed above, who were fired or removed because of their character/conduct, succumbed over time to bitterness over their loss and joined with those seeking revenge. Aren’t these backgrounds what a journalist should uncover, before repeating their gossip as gospel? A real journalist would – but JuLiar is not a real journalist. She is a story already written for a goal already set: “to steal, kill and destroy” (John 10:10).

Some of JuLiar’s better behaving gossips will no doubt bristle to see the list above and the association it brings them, but they know the truth regarding that troubling list and chose this association themselves. “Do not be deceived, keeping bad company corrupts good morals” (1 Corinthians 15:33).

In explaining that JuLiar’s sources should be investigated and qualified, I have actually been merciful. I am not threatening to expose anyone – I love those people and pray they have gone on in God’s grace and forgiveness. They just are not credible as critics, and only a #JRgossipslut would repeatedly deceive the public by reporting gossip as fact while clueless in most cases about the credibility of her sources.

JuLiar is just not discerning about who she listens to. She’s seemingly so addicted to that salacious gossip, she “lays down” fast, with a pen in her hand.

1 One of them, I have heard, now questions that memory since authoring one of the 6 letters gathered in the Dallas Jenkins’ ‘get James fired campaign.’ Such duplicity is not difficult to understand. The accused no longer has any rights, as the lynch mob culture is so blood thirsty for another leadership scalp. 

2 In a future post, I will show JuLiar’s bias in referencing HBC mortgage debt. Never under my leadership did we spend more than 30% of our gross revenue on debt servicing. See Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for the wisdom of this threshold. To end 2018, per their audit, Harvest had $97.5M in net assets – a gross asset-to-debt ratio of greater than 3:1 – versus Judson University bleeding their net assets at $3M per year and far fewer assets – but unlikely to be exposed by JuLiar Roys, given their support for her financially (numbers readily available to anyone).

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