Home Church Network: Update

We thank the Lord for every person and household that have connected with us since we launched HcN weekend worship services last April….

Like many of you, after carrying an extended heavy burden these long months, our small team is in need of margin to regroup and strengthen our ministry platforms.

  1. Creating our weekend services, along with managing correspondence, pastoral inquiries, requests for membership, etc., while striving to build for our future has been daunting at times, even with several HcN volunteers supporting.
  2. Many who have trained with us to lead an HcN group this fall have concerns about launching under Covid restrictions.
  3. Current funding from HcN is running at a deficit.

All of this, prayerfully considered, has led us to the following decision: We are pausing the development of HcN for a minimum of 8 weeks.

In mid-November, we will reconnect, first with our HcN Servant Leaders then our weekend worshipers, and announce our plans for the new year. Once we’re past the the election cycle, we are hopeful for clarity regarding Covid and other matters.

During this HcN pause, we are focusing our efforts on James MacDonald Ministries, in order to complete the many tasks needed to relaunch afresh. We remain committed to the Home Church Network vision and desire to begin again in strength, not in the current weakness and overwhelming pace. Pastor James, Kathy, and our team are weary, yet we hope to be in a position around Thanksgiving to launch a fully-formed development plan for HcN.

In the interim, this website is full of teaching – a lifetime’s worth, actually – for constructing your weekend worship services, until our plans and availability align with your own. Stay connected through our Facebook page, Instagram and audio or video podcasts, subscribe to receive our e-devotionals, and most importantly – continue seeking our Lord in His Word, in prayer, and in fellowship with other believers, “stir[ring] up one another to love and good works” (Hebrews 10:24).

Be assured of our love for you… undiminished, full of joy and expectation of what the Lord will yet do.

Much love in Christ,

Pastor James + Team JMM