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Act Like Men | Retreats and Conferences

While Pastor James now seldom travels to fill weekend church pulpits, he does preach at local church men’s retreats and men’s conferences (most recently in Wisconsin, Texas, and California) and is building into men by building into pastors, as well as developing Act Like Men’s conferences in 2023.

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  • Seasonal Bible Studies

    In fall 2021, with the study Act Like Brothers: 7 Confessions of Biblical Brotherhood, Pastor James began offering seasonal Bible studies geared for men. Subscribe above for notifications when this season is scheduled and other ALM updates.


Act Like Men | 40 Days to Biblical Manhood

Book titled Act Like Men - 40 Days to Biblical Manhood

Desiring to equip as many men as possible with this in depth, 40-day teaching, Pastor James is giving his Act Like Men book away for the cost of shipping + a nominal handling fee.





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