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On Sunday He Became Everything
April 15, 2022 | Featured | Eternity, Faith, Love, Resurrection, Series, Sermons, Single Messages, Worship



Christ is risen! This is a very special Easter message from Pastor James that you will want to share with those you love. Originally preached at Chicago’s Sears Centre on Easter, he delivers a clear and compelling call to respond to Jesus’ offer of salvation – and that day, hundreds responded publicly with decisions for Christ.

Don’t miss this message and opportunity to share an hour with family and friends that could alter their eternities…

Advent 2.0: Humanity
December 24, 2020 | Featured | Advent 2.0, Christmas, Incarnation, Sermons


Need help getting your heart ready for Christmas? Grab your Bible and learn from Pastor James in this new teaching on the Humanity of our Savior, who loves you exactly where you are…

His new series, “Advent 2.0 | Four New Christmas Words” is a fresh take on the timeless Christmas story, straight from God’s Word.