Compliance is required of each ALM House resident to ensure a safe, cooperative, and supportive living environment for all.

You have chosen to live in an alcohol and drug-free men’s sobriety house – and we are proud you’re making this investment in your recovery.


  1. No alcohol or illegal drug use (including THC) is permitted by any resident, staff, or visitor of the house, on or off the premises. Law enforcement will be notified in any instance of illegal drug use in the house by any client or visitor. Any resident in possession of alcohol and/or drugs (not prescribed to them) will be immediately discharged from the house.
  2. Each resident will meet with the Recovery House Manager and establish individualized plans, which include the following guidelines:
    • Community: As a resident, your participation in house meetings is required. Any absence from house meetings must be approved in advance by the House Manager.
    • Location Log: Residents are required to sign in and out when entering and exiting the house.
    • Curfew: Curfew is determined on an individual basis.
    • Rent: Weekly rent must be paid via direct deposit. If you do not have a bank account, contact Kane County Credit Union to open one.
    • Duration: Length of stay is determined on an individual basis with the House Manager.
    • Schedule: Residents submit a weekly schedule to the House Manager by 3p each Thursday.
    • Recovery Support: Residents attend a minimum of five sober support meetings (1x/day, 5 days/week) and provide documentation of meetings attended to the House Manager.
    • Medication: Residents must inform the House Manager of all prescribed and OTC medications, to be documented at intake. Medications are stored in a lockbox, counted, and signed off by both staff and resident.
  3. One weekly meeting is of a spiritual nature, seeking to help every resident develop faith dependency as part of their freedom from substance dependency. This weekly meeting is led by ALM staff, in conjunction with ALM Motorcycle Club members, and is required attendance for all ALM House residents as an integral part of the ALM path to sobriety we are leading men into. 


  1. ALM House residents are expected to make themselves at home while keeping the house clean, neat and safe. A list of chores will be posted weekly. Residents are expected to complete their assigned chore daily. The inability to complete a chore must be discussed with the House Manager in advance, if possible, so that proper arrangements can be made. Repeated inability to participate in chores may be grounds for dismissal.
  2. Residents are expected to keep their bedrooms neat and clean at all times. House Manager will inspect rooms weekly for cleanliness. Any identified issues related to the health and safety will be addressed immediately with a corrective action plan.
    Shared spaces/common areas are treated with courtesy, respect, cleanliness, and sharing. Do not leave personal items in these areas after you are finished using them. Keep them orderly at all times.
  3. Residents are expected to be good neighbors, not just “non-disturbing” neighbors. A good neighbor is respectful of the facility and personal property, mindful of noise and loud activity, kind and considerate with other residents.
  4. Smoking is not allowed in the building at any time. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas between the hours of 6a–9:30p.
  5. ALM House staff have the right to request residents to provide a urine sample or other drug test; this includes random alcohol and/or drug tests. If a resident refuse to submit to any alcohol and/or drug testing, the resident will be immediately discharged from the house.
  6. Each resident accepts full responsibility for their personal property. Item(s) of sentimental or significant value should remain locked in their storage locker.
  7. ALM House staff are not responsible for the loss, damage and/or theft of any resident’s personal property, unless due to fire or flood. Theft of any kind will result in immediate discharge from the house.
  8. Physical violence and/or threats toward another resident or staff will result in immediate discharge from the house.
  9. Residents are not allowed to borrow money from other residents and/or staff.
  10. Sexual activity is not permitted in this recovery residence.


  1. 30-day written notice to your House Manager prior to departure is required.
  2. By 5p of the agreed upon departure date, all belongings are to be removed and the room returned to its original state. If an extension is needed, an agreement must be made in writing one week prior to departure date with the Recovery House Manager.
  3. If you are asked to move out of the ALM House due to unsafe behavior (i.e. drug or alcohol use, violent behavior, theft, etc.):
    • You will be escorted by the Recovery House Manager to your room to gather your belongings. If needed, arrangements for picking up the remainder of your personal items will be made with the manager.
    • Surrender your keys to the House Manager at this time.
    • Personal belongings left at the ALM House beyond three days after departure will be donated or discarded without compensation.



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