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WATCH  Ever have so many bad days it seems everything’s going wrong? When your life…

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Latest Posts

July 20, 2024


Ever have so many bad days it seems everything’s going wrong? When your life is finally going in the right direction, when you’re focused on following Jesus, struggles and roadblocks still appear.

When you feel hard pressed and trapped, it’s time to stop and turn to the Lord.

Even Jesus had bad days and faced rejection and betrayal.“…Always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.” 2 Corinthians‬ ‭4‬:‭10‬ ‭When you’re backed into a corner, He is there. When you don’t understand, He is there. When you’re under attack, He is there. As John Wesley declared in his final breath, “Best of all. God is with us.

Join us for this powerful new teaching – What I Think When Things Go Bad.

Destroying the Strongholds in My Disposition

July 7, 2024


Destroying the Strongholds in My Disposition | Overcoming Rejection and Betrayal

True brotherhood is ready to join you in warfare. A brother is with you in the trenches, even at your worst. And our war is not physical or fleshly, it’s spiritual.

God has given us the weapons and the ability to win the fight – and to destroy destructive patterns of thinking.

Brotherhood fights together, but we all have individual battles. We need to detect and destroy the strongholds in our disposition and with the Lord’s help and the strength of brothers (and sisters) bring them in conformity to Christ.

Lean in with us and learn the truth about ourselves and our spiritual battle…

4 Reasons Strongholds Are Hard To Break

June 29, 2024


Four Reasons Strongholds Are Hard To Break | 2 Corinthians 10:3-6 | Overcoming Rejection and Betrayal

Strongholds are fortified patterns of thinking that are stubbornly resistant to God’s Word and God’s will.

Wherever you’re stuck, whether a destructive sin or hidden addiction – to find freedom, you must get honest and take care of your heart. And nothing will be different until you think differently.

Defeating a stronghold requires confronting sin and failures with humility. But don’t be discouraged, by God’s grace you CAN destroy those patterns and walls of sin, addiction and shame.

Let’s Get Way Behind

June 23, 2024


Let’s Get Way Behind |2 Corinthians 2 | Overcoming Rejection and Betrayal

Addiction is a heart sickness and a broken crutch. We encounter addiction every day in our ministry. In this new series, we begin grappling with its source.

Addiction is a way of thinking that must change if sobriety is going to last. If you are working to get victory in your behavior, don’t miss this: The critical battle is to change your thoughts.

You have to get behind an addiction to fight it properly – and it cannot be won with earthly weapons. When your first action in the battle is to reach for flesh weapons, the war will soon be lost.

Let’s bring the truth of God’s Word to the chains of addiction, and hope for those in its shackles…