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Unstuck | Getting Unstuck in Your Marriage [02]

September 12, 2021


Various Proverbs


Get UNSTUCK in your marriage and enjoy free, weekly home church services by visiting

Unstuck | Getting Unstuck from Depression [01]

September 5, 2021


1 Kings 18:20 – 19:19


Escape Depression. • If you have a pattern of thinking that causes dark clouds to hang over your life, it’s hard to penetrate that and go in a different direction. YOU NEED TO!

If you find yourself stuck emotionally in a pattern that doesn’t seem to be going forward, escape is near as we analyze how one of God’s best men got to such a bad place and discover God’s way out.

[10] …With a Submissive Attitude

September 3, 2021


With a Submissive Attitude
1 Peter 2:13-25


[09] Replace a Rebellious Attitude…

September 2, 2021


Replace a Rebellious Attitude
Numbers 16