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Ask Pastor James | Introduction

April 16, 2021

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What are your questions about the Bible, ministry, or personal matters?

“One of my favorite childhood church memories was of Sunday night services. When the pastor would answer questions about the Bible, I remember marveling at his familiarity with God’s Word. Now I have the time to answer your Bible questions, and I can’t wait to hear from you. Check back often for biblical answers.”

– Pastor James

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Why is Being Good Not Good Enough?

April 16, 2021

Why is being good not good enough?

This question is sourced in the belief that we’re really not that bad – because we really don’t understand God’s law and how severely we have broken it.

You can’t get 10 seconds or 10 inches into the 10 Commandments without seeing how completely bad we are by God’s standards. Isaiah 64:6 says, “Our righteousness is as filthy rags” in God’s sight. The very things we believe would commend us to God are the things that are most despised in His eyes – because those are the things that make us think we don’t need Jesus.

Video Chapters:

0:00:09​ – Question Introduction
0:00:51​ – I’m really not that bad
0:01:35​ – What does the Bible say
0:01:54​ – How to be saved

How to Find Rest From Life’s Heavy Burdens

April 11, 2021


Single Message | How to Find Rest From Life’s Heavy Burdens
Matthew 11
Galatians 6

Burdens are heavy. That is no secret. But what can I help someone else carry VS what they have to carry for themself? What weight am I under that I have to carry VS what Jesus can carry for me? The weight of “must carry” can only find rest by learning to carry like Jesus. Jesus does not always take the weight away, sometimes He offers a way to carry.

5 Evidences of Life In The Holy Spirit

April 4, 2021


The Power to Change | 5 Evidences of Life In The Holy Spirit [08]
Romans 8:9-11


Life in the Holy Spirit is easy to identify. Your default settings change. There is a new presence within you and a brand new identity. The Holy Spirit gives us a capacity for righteousness and the vitality of Jesus’ resurrection. If Christ is in you, that is the most important thing about you.