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The God of Here and Now | The Eternality of God – Part 1 [01]

June 13, 2021


Psalm 90:1-2


God is Eternal, but why is that so significant? In this verse by verse study through Psalm 90, we are reminded that we all have regret. Situations we wish we had handled better, words we wish we hadn’t said—things we can’t go back and fix. And when regret is coupled with facing our own mortality, we begin to desperately need the reality of God’s eternality. Pastor James shares from the Scriptures how accepting the truth about God and His eternal nature can become your greatest comfort.

The Power to Change | Why I’m Glad I’m a Christian [15]

June 6, 2021


Romans 8:31-39


I’m Glad I’m Saved. Sometimes it can be hard to reconcile the events of life with a God who is paying attention. But even when I feel defeated. Even when I don’t understand what’s happening. I believe God. The final sermon in the series reveals 4 distinct joys of salvation.

The Power to Change | God is For You [14]

May 30, 2021


Romans 8:29-32


God Is For You. If you are in Christ, He chose you. He called you. He Saved you. And one day, He will glorify you. No circumstances or people can thwart God’s purpose in your life.

The Power to Change | The Other Greatest Verse in the Bible [13]

May 23, 2021


Romans 8:28


John 3:16 is arguably the greatest verse in the entirety of Scripture, especially for lost people. But Romans 8:28 is the greatest verse for Christians. It’s the other greatest verse in the Bible. Find out why!