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Putting Your Heart in Your Marriage

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The Crisis of Biblical Illiteracy

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Latest Posts

Putting Your Heart in Your Marriage

March 18, 2023



You Shall Not Steal

March 11, 2023


Pastor James just preached this brand new message in Exodus 20 – and it is so impactful, we couldn’t wait to share it with you. 

God’s 8th commandment, “You Shall Not Steal,” applies to every area of our lives… because at its root, stealing is a rejection of God, and of His protection and provision. Open your Bible and your heart to receive this timeless – and very timely – teaching.

Putting First Things First

March 3, 2023


What a shame… when you’re too busy working like Martha, you won’t rest at Jesus’ feet like Mary. Following God’s commandments is essential to a thriving life – and marriage. This week, Pastor James leads us through the command to rest, and the first command with a promise.

If you don’t know them by heart, no need to guess! Just open your Bible to Exodus 20, as we dig into God’s Word.

Putting God in His Place

February 16, 2023


Putting God in His Place | Exodus 20