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Foundations of Christian Faith | Salvation Foundation

WATCH  Matthew 27:15-54 Do you know? • People who have known Christ for some…

The Fear of Forgiveness

So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your…
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Exposing Julie Roys’ Deception | Part 5

As anticipated with great loathing… Reading through Julie Roys’ toxic delight in destruction, is vexing…

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Foundations of Christian Faith | Salvation Foundation

December 5, 2021


Matthew 27:15-54

Do you know? • People who have known Christ for some time, this will stir you up by way of remembrance with a deeply refreshed gratitude of the Gospel of Jesus. Maybe you don’t know “Him” yet. This message will equip you to KNOW if you are saved.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | God the Father

November 28, 2021


Isaiah 6:1-4

God is a God of immense holiness and infinite transcendence. He is not like us, and we don’t have a parallel with which to describe him fully. In this message, Pastor James MacDonald walks us through the four throne room scenes of Scripture found in Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation and our response to His Holiness.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | The Authority of Scripture – Part 2

November 21, 2021


Psalm 19:7-11

The application of biblical authority means you can’t just do what you want.
Biblical authority is not failing at the point of intellectualism, it is failing at the point of individual application. Never has the Bible been so readily available, yet made so little difference in the way people live. Its applications are many and will surely be rewarded. This message from Psalm 19:7-11 covers the various facets of Scripture applied.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | The Final Authority of Scripture

November 14, 2021


2 Peter 1:12-21

Scripture Is True • Lay the foundation of your faith here, because from it, you have everything. The Bible is the final authority and it has been confirmed by eye witnesses, written without human origin, inspired by the Holy Spirit. In this message, we will address fallacies regarding the Bible.