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I AM…Finding Identity in God | Conquering Insecurity – Part 1 [01]

July 25, 2021


Psalm 90:11-17


The God of Here and Now | The Clarity of What – Part 2 [04]

July 4, 2021


Psalm 90:11-17


God is forever. I am a moment. Just like music has a time signature, the God who loves you has a time signature. He exists outside of time, and you exist inside time…but only for a brief time. God wants us to embrace the reality that we are temporal, life is measured, but He is everlasting. Open your Bible to Psalm 90 as Pastor James MacDonald instructs you in how to maximize your life.

10 Choices | I Choose God’s Love [01]

June 28, 2021


John 3:16


The God of Here and Now | The Clarity of What – Part 1 [03]

June 27, 2021


Psalm 90:11-15


Have you considered the contrasting realities of God’s eternality and our mortality? God embraces the entirety of eternity all at once, and yet He is with us in the moment, giving to us each day an opportunity to grow in wisdom. Join Pastor James in Psalm 90 where we discover what God wants us to do with all of that.