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Given the current realities – school, business, and church closures, social distancing, ‘shelter in place’ – we have temporarily waived Home Church Network (HcN) leader requirements for this pilot season. An HcN home worship experience is available for all who are searching for biblical shelter in this unprecedented storm.

NOTE: if you are an HcN member and interested in leading a group beyond the current crisis, submit your formal application here. Leader trainings with Pastor James take place on Thursday nights for approved applicants. 

This Sunday, gather those you live with to worship together and learn from God’s Word. Pastor James is preparing previous messages and new teaching for such a time as this, exclusive to HcN members. Sign up below for free access to Home Church Network teaching next weekend.

Social isolation doesn’t need to mean spiritual stagnation – and together we can ensure it does not.

Let’s transform this season into greater humility and strength by not neglecting to assemble ourselves. Let’s receive truth from God’s Word that we can stand on and share to encourage those around us…


  • Full-length messages in God’s Word from Pastor James, with new sermons in fall 2020.
  • A suggested outline for your home worship service.
  • An extended pastoral prayer as a model for your own prayer over your household.
  • Links to worship videos that will lead everyone into the Lord’s presence, with downloadable song lyrics to print for your household.

Access is free – simply register.

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