This book is for people who desperately want to change…

“I have written this book to actually help people change. It’s for people who desperately want to change, a practical ‘how-to’ manual… The truths in this book are stained with my own tears of trying and failing and trying again to be the man God wants me to be. So I have written this with the urgency of a loving heart for you and your situation…” 

Pastor James is serious about the business of change according to God’s Word, and Lord Change Me will walk you through it in three phases:

  • The Preparation for Change: choosing the right method and partnering with God to select the areas you need to see change.
  • The Process of Change: exploring the biblical method of saying no to sinful patterns and yes to the things God desires for you.
  • The Power to Change: knowing how to experience the power of God personally and continuously

Includes study questions, exercises, and single sentence chapter summaries


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