My Statement to Julie Roys

On January 19, 2023, I was contacted by The Roys Report to comment on a painful situation involving a former worship leader at Harvest.

In less than 90 minutes, I sent the following statement in reply, requesting it be published in entirety and cautioning against capitalizing on this family’s pain.

Two days later, on January 21, Julie proceeded to publish a story regarding the moral failure of this leader, with only excerpted quotes from my reply for her self-serving purposes. For clarification, the following is my full statement.

Please do not say, I did not respond to you, this is my response – please publish in totality. 

For too long, The Roys Report  and its pseudo journalists have preyed upon people in ministry, during their most vulnerable times with disdain for facts, unthinkable cruelty, and a commitment to truth that parallels the National Enquirer. Julie Roys lives for her anti gospel, anti authority, man hating bias – even partnering with shock jocks like Mancow Muller or worse. Julie Roys knows she published many false statements about me, false statements now proven such in a court of law, yet she has retracted nothing. 

Her apparent belief that ministers are only ever abusers, and the gossipers that seek their destruction are somehow always victims, is certainly having an impact on the church. However, to call it reform in any positive sense would simply be a continuation of the garbage reporting and behind the scenes bullying TRR faithfully employs.  

As an unmarried worship intern at HBC, Andi Rozier was removed from ministry for moral reasons early in the 2000s. As far as we knew or were ever told, he ended that relationship immediately.  He then returned to England for nearly 2 years, living in a loft above his home church and working hard to rebuild his walk with God.  He did so, having no Harvest contact or indication he would ever return.  After a long period of silence between us, the Elders agreed to invite Andi back on staff to work in production set up, which he did with great humility and no promise of ever leading worship again.  After becoming engaged to Joanna and completing extensive counseling/discipleship, Andi was publicly invited to return to ministry during a weekend service themed around restoration.  In this service Andi confessed to the entire Harvest family his story of failure and gradual, Elder supported restoration to ministry.  I know nothing of Andi’s current circumstance and we have not had significant contact with the Roziers since leaving Harvest.  We would welcome an opportunity to express our love and support for the entire Rozier family and assure them of our prayers for Gods healing upon everyone involved. 

Any capitalizing on the painful season now faced by the Roziers and all involved, while predictable for TRR, will only serve to accelerate the exposure of Roy’s efforts to fabricate a “me too” accusation against me, now apparent and irrefutable in the texts others have been legally forced to turn over.  Any reporting of a time line contrary to the above is either intentional deception or memory failure.  

Just once it would be nice to see some grace from you folk. Andi and his family are in a great deal of pain as no doubt anyone else directly involved is. No one is served by the publication of this story beyond the church in Colorado that is dealing with it.  

“Judgment is without mercy to the ones who show no mercy.  Mercy triumphs over judgment.” James 2:13 

– JM