The Benefit of Getting Alone

And Jacob was left alone (Genesis 32:23, esv).

Time alone is key in the life of a believer. Time alone allows for God to confront you.

Let me illustrate. Say you have a friend who’s watching what he eats. Your friend asks you to hold him accountable for any food that goes into his mouth, and you’ve noticed lately that he’s falling back on his commitment to his health.

When is the best time to talk to him about it?

Would you try to have this delicate discussion while your friend is on a conference call for work? Of course not! How about when he’s watching a movie? No. You’d choose a time when the two of you are alone. You would probably even do some planning for gently confronting him. You know that a message like this requires a specific environment.

Or you’re an employer who needs to give negative feedback to one of your employees. In what setting do you talk to her about the problem? In the breakroom during lunch? At a company party?

Again, of course not! If you’re wise, you’ll make sure you have the appropriate privacy in a context where constructive criticism can be received. You would plan what to say. You would recognize how delicate the situation is.

Do you see where this is going?

God doesn’t confront you when you’re on the phone. He doesn’t confront you when you are watching television or checking Facebook.

God confronts you when you’re alone and focused on His Word.

To say we live in a busy world is an understatement. No generation—no civilization—has lived under the demands we do. Your phone rings; your email needs checking; your boss needs a report.

But when we get alone, demands cease, distractions end, and quiet invades. This is the setting where God speaks to us. Alone. Quiet.

When was the last time God took you to the mat with the full weight of who He is?

Sometimes we don’t get alone with God because we sense that He is going to say something that we don’t want to hear. But friend, that is completely a lie from the enemy. Every word that God speaks gives life, encourages, and births hope within our hearts, even when it’s corrective. Don’t avoid Him, run to Him. He’s waiting with open arms.

Take some extended, structured time alone this week with your Bible open and a pen and journal beside you. You must take action to provide that setting of peace and quiet. It is up to you to turn off the phone, shut off the television, and read His Word.

Invite God to confront you.

There He will meet you.


  • What are your biggest challenges to “getting alone” with God? How can you change your priorities or schedule to make this happen consistently?
  • What things continue to distract your mind when you do get alone with the Lord? Ask Him for help quieting these competing voices, one at a time. What will you work on first?

Lord God, I come before You knowing that I don’t give You my full attention. Show me how to leave the world behind to listen for Your voice. Show me how to lay my burdens at Your feet to receive what You have for me each day. I invite You to confront me, trusting You as my perfect Father. Thank You for continuing to pursue me. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.