The Way of Wisdom

Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is (Ephesians 5:17, esv).

Can God’s Word get your attention? The verse above should have you reaching for your Bible. Ephesians 5:17 is basically saying, “Hey! Pay attention and don’t be foolish! Understand the Lord’s will.”

We can be sure of this: If God tells us to understand something, He will provide what we need to understand it. That’s the reason He has given us His Word.

Understanding God’s will means knowing what He wants from us. Too often we think His will is either a mysterious secret we will never know or some detailed, predetermined path from which we dare not deviate. Too many of us live in quiet desperation because we assume we’ve violated God’s will when we understand little about it.

And just as God promises to provide the understanding we need, He helps us live out His will in ways we can’t do on our own. God’s will is less about what we can do and more about what He wants to do in and through us. What He wants from you is you. The way of wisdom that sets you free first requires you to know God better.

Ephesians 5:17 points to the life of wisdom that results when we let the Scriptures instruct us about His will. Here, Paul exhorts us to take enough time to understand the concept of God’s will before we attempt to personalize it. Let God’s Word focus your attention on Him before you focus on yourself. The more intimately you know the Lord, the better prepared you will be for all He has planned for your life.

Getting to know the awesome Creator of the universe will humble you in a healthy way and drive you to worship—which, in turn, prepares you to grasp His will more firmly. As you are released from worrying about God’s will, you can focus on letting Him work through your life for His glory. This is walking in the way of wisdom.

Keep your Bible close at hand, every day. We think foolishly and act unwisely when we don’t let God speak directly into our lives. In fact, today’s verse is in the fifth chapter of Ephesians. It begins with the word therefore, implying, “If you really want to understand the Lord’s will, start with the previous four chapters.”

So, are you serious about getting a better grasp on God’s will? Start by taking the time to know Him better in His Word.


  • How could your Bible reading change if you make it a habit to pray this before opening it: “Lord, help me know You better as I read Your Word”?
  • In what ways would knowing God better settle some questions about His will for you?

God, I realize it’s foolish to think I can figure out Your will on my own. I can’t understand anything about You without Your help. Thank You for revealing so much about Yourself in Your Word. Forgive me for ignoring it or reading it superficially. I repent of a casual and superficial attitude toward Your Word that causes distance from You instead of transformation in me. Give me a contrite and humble heart as I open Your Word and lead me in the way of wisdom and everlasting life. In Jesus’ name, amen.