This summer, Kathy and I celebrate 40 years of marriage.

I hope she won’t mind me saying that these last years of attack from the outside have been some of the toughest to navigate inside our home. Yet, we remain committed to getting back to healthy patterns and finding a better way forward.

“If in doubt, return to the instruction manual.”  

That is what we will be doing – and we invite you to join us. On Valentine’s Day weekend, we featured a special teaching, 9 Keys to a  Lasting Marriage, which is exceedingly personal and practical from both Kathy and myself.

Then, starting mid-February, we’re looking at The 10 Commandments of Marriage. Whether you are married, or have married family, or hope to be married some day, this instruction from Exodus 20 has a TON of practical helps and personal impact.

I encourage you to get this matter to the top of your to-do list – make sure the most important things of life are not left undone, especially when loud and urgent matters demand we tackle them first.

I promise if you open your heart and lean, in you will be blessed. Consider sharing this teaching with friends or family as a point of discussion, or watch it together.

Please watch the video below for a bit more – direct from my heart to yours.

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