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First Steps
September 9, 2023 | Featured | Addiction, Finally Free, Freedom, Savior, Series, Sermons, Topics


Our ministry has been growing and serving men who are stuck in addictions. At the Act Like Men House, we’ve been guiding men at the rock bottom of addiction toward lasting freedom, through faith in Christ and community with brothers in Christ. This message was preached at our ministry center, Rock Bottom, and is for you and your loved ones who need victory and freedom from your shame and burdens.

Intellectual knowledge of Christ, rules, structure, and sheer will-power alone can never set people free. Only Jesus Christ can truly set people free. The God who made you wants to free you from sin, addiction and shame.

This new teaching series, Finally Free, will give you the truth you need to destroy the strongholds in your life. Join us in Acts 13 as we learn the First Steps of recovery!

Know The Pattern
October 12, 2022 | Church on a Mission: The Book of Acts Verse by Verse, Church on a Mission: The Power of Living for a Mission, Discipline, Growth, Series, Sermons, Strength, Topics


Know The Pattern a sermon from Acts 13-14.