Vertical Living | Love Gone Wrong: [04]


You cannot live – really live – until you love God. Love to live! And you cannot really love God unless that shows up in your loving of one another. God has given each of us the capacity to love. Vertical love is God before me. Horizontal love is you before me. But as with anything, the enemy has something else in mind.

Satan can’t create anything – he just takes the beautiful things that God has created – twists them and attempts to use them to destroy us. One such twisting is taking a love for God & others and converting it to “legalism.” Maybe you have been the recipient of a pointed finger or found yourself with the “three pointed back at you.”

In Vertical Living, God will take you to the mat with the full weight of all that He is. Watch and learn how to LOVE2LIVE2LOVE.

Love Gone Wrong
1 John 2:15-17