Foundations III

How should Christians respond to a world that’s going under? Even in a culture shockingly disinterested in God, we aren’t told to shout at the darkness in anger or judgment. Instead, we’re to grab a mirror and evaluate ourselves. The only choice Christians have – during a time of moral, societal, and cultural decline – is to strengthen their foundations in the Lord. In this final installment of the Foundations series, Dr. James MacDonald tackles subjects like prayer, quality discipleship, and more with biblical clarity and truth.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | Why We Go To Church
January 22, 2022 | Church, Faith, Foundations III, God's Word, Series, Sermons


1 Timothy 3:15

God made us in such a way that we NEED to meet with Him – in His house, every week.
As tithing is to financial management so weekly worship is to time management.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | The Foundation of Quality Discipleship
January 30, 2022 | Discipline, Foundations III, Sanctification, Series, Sermons



Diversity is both a gift and enemy to unity. In it, we find a tug-of-war competition between quantity of disciples and quality of discipleship. In today’s “pre-game speech” from Ephesians 4, Pastor James unpacks the purpose of diversity, discipleship, and maturity. No quantity of people can be a substitute for quality of disciples.