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Judge by Their Fruits
April 23, 2021 | Ask Pastor James

Judge them by their fruits? Judge Not?
Ask Pastor James | Matthew 7

When Can Christians Judge?
April 22, 2021 | Ask Pastor James

Judge Not | But What About Separating Truth From Error
Matthew 7

If we’re not supposed to judge other Christians, how can we separate truth from error or restore a fallen brother? Well, when God says, “Judge not lest you be judged.” Or “Judgment is without mercy to the one who shows no mercy.” Or “The same measure that you use will be used on you.” All of those are very strong, God, down to us, “Get off my property.” So the big thing in not judging is that’s God’s job, and if I was you, I wouldn’t get between the hammer and the work on that. God is very much in the process of assessing all of us. Each one will give an account of himself to God, and that’s why it says in I think 1 Corinthians 4, “Judge nothing before the time, for the time will come when the Lord will bring to light the hidden things of darkness. Then each one’s praise will come from God alone.” So the main reason why we don’t judge is because it’s God’s job, not ours. And why is it God’s job? Because God sees everything, we don’t. God waits till the end, we wanna do it now. Okay. And we’re supposed to be focused on ourselves, not on others. Now, with that as a backdrop, God is really saying, “Let Me do My job.”

How to Find Rest From Life’s Heavy Burdens
April 11, 2021 | Featured | Sermons


Single Message | How to Find Rest From Life’s Heavy Burdens
Matthew 11
Galatians 6

Burdens are heavy. That is no secret. But what can I help someone else carry VS what they have to carry for themself? What weight am I under that I have to carry VS what Jesus can carry for me? The weight of “must carry” can only find rest by learning to carry like Jesus. Jesus does not always take the weight away, sometimes He offers a way to carry.

5 Reasons To Forgive
August 16, 2020 | Featured | Forgiveness, God's forgiveness, Healing, Hurt, Reconciliation, Series, Sermons, Vertical Living, Verticality


God accepts no love from human hearts that are gripped by hate.
In Vertical Living, we have come to discover from God’s word that mercy halts offense by withholding and grace limits offense by covering. In this sermon, we will see how forgiveness ends offense by releasing. While there are many rationalizations for our unforgiveness – Scripture offers a roadmap for the vehicle of forgiveness which leads to freedom from self incarceration and a lifetime of bitterness.

Matthew 6:14-15,18:21-35

5 Reasons To Forgive | Vertical Living: [11]
Matthew 6:14-15,18:21-35