Foundations II

It doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to see that the world around us is in rapid decline. With our culture sinking further into moral recession, people are left wondering what to do. As Christians, our answer is not to flee and it’s not to fight. The best response for the righteous is to strengthen our foundation in the Lord. It’s time to get back to basics and return to the fundamentals of our faith – because if we lose the foundations, we lose everything. Learn from Dr. James MacDonald in this challenging series how to grow the groundwork of your relationship with God.

Foundations of Righteous Governance | What the Bible Says About Racism
November 7, 2021 | Foundations II, Sermons


Psalm 11:3

Racism & the Church • Foundations are being destroyed. Dark ominous clouds of unchangeable consequences are gathering over a nation that once heeded the words of God. The voices have cried, “if we don’t turn, we will reap what we have sown.” The warnings have gone unheeded and calamity has begun to fall.

Watch as Pastor James delivers a warning to the Iowa Caucus for Dr. Ben Carson, and then preaches a follow-up sermon on The Foundation of Righteous Governance.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | The Final Authority of Scripture
November 14, 2021 | Faith, Forgiveness, Foundations II, Sermons


2 Peter 1:12-21

Scripture Is True • Lay the foundation of your faith here, because from it, you have everything. The Bible is the final authority and it has been confirmed by eye witnesses, written without human origin, inspired by the Holy Spirit. In this message, we will address fallacies regarding the Bible.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | The Application of Biblical Authority
November 21, 2021 | Authenticity, Authority, Bible study, Foundations II, Sermons




Psalm 19:7-11

The application of biblical authority means you can’t just do what you want.
Biblical authority is not failing at the point of intellectualism, it is failing at the point of individual application. Never has the Bible been so readily available, yet made so little difference in the way people live. Its applications are many and will surely be rewarded. This message from Psalm 19:7-11 covers the various facets of Scripture applied.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | God the Father
November 28, 2021 | Authority, Foundations II, Sermons


Isaiah 6:1-4

God is a God of immense holiness and infinite transcendence. He is not like us, and we don’t have a parallel with which to describe him fully. In this message, Pastor James MacDonald walks us through the four throne room scenes of Scripture found in Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation and our response to His Holiness.

Foundations of Christian Faith | The Salvation Foundation
December 5, 2021 | Authority, Bible study, Foundations II, Sermons


Matthew 27:15-54


Do you know Jesus Christ? People who have known Christ for some time will be stirred up by way of remembrance with a deeply refreshed gratitude of the good news. If perhaps you don’t know “Him” yet, this message will help you understand what it means to be “saved” by the Savior.

Foundations of Christian Faith | The Greatest of All Time
January 9, 2022 | Foundations II, Series, Sermons


Hebrews 1:1-3

God forgive us for being so easily impressed with so many claiming to be the “greatest of all time.” Scripture continually affirms the inconceivable, unsurpassable, all consuming, unparalleled, unalterable greatness of Jesus Christ. In this message from Hebrews 1, renew afresh your sense of the greatness of Jesus Christ.

Foundations of the Christian Faith | How to be Filled with the Holy Spirit | Holy Spirit Help
January 16, 2022 | Foundations II, Holy Spirit, Series, Sermons


Ephesians 5:14-18

The role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Christian is a central matter of Christianity. The Holy Spirit is the Christian life. The question isn’t, “do you have all of the Holy Spirit,” but rather, “does the Holy Spirit have all of you? ” Are you fired up about the Lord like you once were? Find out what you can do to live a more Spirit-filled life.