Yahweh-it’s God’s personal name. It expresses His desire to know you intimately, to befriend you. This study will help you explore the power of “blessing Yahweh at all times.” It will teach you to encounter Yahweh by “tasting and seeing that He is good.” And you will experience the joy of taking refuge” fully and completely in Him. If you need a fresh touch from the Lord, these invigorating studies from Psalm 34 are for you.

Get Me Outta Here Now!
February 13, 2024 | Loneliness, Series, Sermons, Spiritual warfare, Strength, Topics, Worship, Yahweh


Get Me Outta Here Now! |Yahweh | Psalm 34

Choosing to Worship the Lord
February 12, 2024 | Faith, God's greatness, Series, Sermons, Topics, Worship, Yahweh


Choosing to Worship the Lord |Yahweh | Psalm 34